Koke Resurreccion ● Full Season Show ● 2016/17

Koke Resurreccion ● Full Season Show ● 2016/17

태그 : 코케
영상 시간 : 18:4
평점 : 4.79

좋아요 : 70 , 안좋아요 : 3

출처 : paleszhurts

The best moments of the Maestro of Atletico. Song:

업데이트 날짜 : 2017-05-22 20:54:42
The best moments of the Maestro of Atletico. Song:


  1. Note: Thanks to the Gomes and the Rakitic video, I came up with an idea,
    but I'm not sure you guys would like it, so I need your opinion. Basically
    its a new formula of videos I'd call something like "The Real XY", where
    I don't put together a 15 min long highlight video, but a neraly 10
    minutes long video, where I show an average match of the player (not
    from only one game, I'd put it together from many). With
    bad controls, disposessions, bad passes and positioning as well, not
    only focusing on the good stuff, to have a clearer picture in your head
    about the player. I'd make these during the season, and the highlights
    at the end of the season as usual. This way I'd be more productive
    during the year as well, not just after the end of the season. What do
    you all think? Please put a thumbs up or a thumbs down to let me know,
    or write it in comment. I wouldn't like to waste time for these, if you
    don't like the iea at all.. 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  2. this was amazing! can you do a similar video on thiago alcantara?

  3. best video of KOKE


    If you put Koke Saul Gabi and Isco in Spain National Team with Juanfran and jordi alba ramos pique and costa + morata in forward it would be atletico 2x

  5. Toni kroos,Luka modric,isco please.

  6. Amazing. You ve shown how great he is 😍

  7. He has not improved for a very long time now..

  8. wowww what a player is that!!!!

  9. You always make videos of highly technical players that makes videos so entertaining.


    make arjen robben skills 5 or 6 minutes and keep it up ure channel is amazing

  11. You should put at least 2 backgrounds sounds, cause 18 minutes with just one music it's too bored! but, great video!

  12. verry nice bro 💝💘❤💯😀🙂😉👏👌👍💫🌟🔥⚡🎗🎖🏅⚽🏆🎉💞💕💜💟💝💘❤💯

  13. make coutinho 16/17 season pls❤❤❤

  14. Great video! Can you please make a video of nemanja matic!.

  15. Amazing effort! Thank you so much! Can you make Lucas TORRIERA Sampdoria player, please?

  16. One of my favorite players! Great video mate, more power to you

  17. What a piece of art! I only saw the first 4 minutes and im already amazed…I will now see the rest but i already know it will be good untill the end 😉

  18. Excellent videos thanks! Could you make Modric?

  19. tomorrow is ??

  20. thank for putting a lot of effort into this amazing piece of work over 18 minutes just amazing thanks could you do Granit Xhaka next

  21. koke is world class so underrated hes the soul of atletico madrid i would perfer him to david silva fabregas and de bruyne

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